2-way, Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Transducers 2 x 15 inch paper cone Woofer
1 x 1.4 inch Titanium diaphragm high-frequency compression driver mated to a 90° x 90° Radial horn
Sensitivity 99 dB
Impedance 4 Ω (nominal)
Frequency response 32Hz – 20kHz (-3dB)
Crossover Frequency 1.8 kHz
Power handling 220W RMS
Amplifier suggestion > 20W / channel
Dimensions without base H 141cm x W 46cm x D 50cm
Dimensions with base H 152cm x W 59cm x D 63cm
Weight 85 kg each




The Eros range of loudspeakers is characterized by excellent sound dynamics, so that the sound is always natural and high fidelity. The sound stage is as wide and airy as listening to a concert in a theater. Each model in the Eros family of loudspeakers has a distinctive sonic personality. Eros-15X is one of the special speaker models in the Eros series with a warm, thick and full midrange. This is the most outstanding characteristic of this model.

The outstanding innovations in the SUN-833X

Solution for structural design, combination of drivers and sound reproduction efficiency

– Each loudspeaker tower is divided into two modules including a MT-module above and a W-module below. The upper MT-module includes a 15-inch Paper Cone Mid-woofer and a 1.4-inch Titanium diaphragm high-frequency compression driver mated to a 90° x 90° Radial horn. The W-module below is equipped with a special large 15-inch Paper Cone woofer. The combination of two different 15-inch drivers for mid-bass and bass has brought great harmony to the whole bass range, expanding the warm and rich musical space. The driver of the W-module can respond to high volume and high power, effectively extending low frequencies, so the bass of the Eros-15X will be very full and deep. While the participation of the 15-inch mid-driver on the MT-module with a large cabinet size, the mid-range is very compact and attractive. Bass voices and instruments like Cello, Contrabass are always impressively reproduced. This is an outstanding advantage that small loudspeakers can hardly reproduce properly and fully.

– The division of the structure into two modules of each tower for optimal sound reproduction is an important feature and great advantage in the design of the cabinet structure for the large loudspeaker models of the Eros series. Accordingly, each module has better vibration resistance, completely eliminating the objective influences on each frequency band from unnecessary resonances, making the sound clean and detailed. In addition, cabinet volume and size, and vent size are calculated and tested to achieve an optimal ratio with each other to create just the right resonance while creating the right sound reflections, increasing dynamic range and reducing harmonic distortion. As a result, the sound is reproduced accurately, delicately and naturally. This is also an important feature and great advantage in the cabinet structure design of the Eros series. The biggest difference of the Eros-15X is that the MT-module has a large cabinet with a 15-inch driver, so in addition to the accurate, delicate and natural sound reproduction, the warm, deep and full mid-range are a strength of this model.

– The distance and combination of the different drivers on the two modules are calculated according to the volume and size of each cabinet so that when the two modules are combined, it is possible to reproduce the correct and accurate sound for the different use purposes. This is also a technical criterion that is focused on developing this speaker model.

– The MT-module is designed with a dedicated top and bottom base for stable assembly on the W-module. The bases are equipped at both ends of the MT-module to meet the flexible use of this module as well as the Eros-15X.

– The vent for the 15-inch woofer on W-module faces the floor to make deep bass spread in the space.

– The speaker base of the Eros series is completely a new style, designed to create a solid, extremely effective anti-vibration when the loudspeaker is operating at high power, so the bass is clear and coherent.

The mindset in engineering crossovers

– According to our engineering philosophy, first-order crossovers are always preferred in ThivanLabs loudspeaker models. Using 1st-order crossover for all drivers reduces unnecessary interference that can affect the naturalness of the sound. Moreover, it can even distort the natural sound, causing the sensation that the sound is fake and unreal. The other positive point of using 1st-order crossover is to preserve the sound and keep the details intact. Passive components such as inductors, capacitors and resistors are always limited to being used too much because this can lead to energy consumption for them and reduces the power supplied to the drivers, thereby significantly reducing the dynamics of the reproduced sound. This solution also provides the best mixing between the frequency bands, completely avoiding too harsh interference that can cause incoherence between frequency bands.

– The treble characteristics are fine-tuned to create smoothness but still very detailed for the sound, so the high range is not dull and stuffy. As a result, the overall sound is soaring, creating an open, airy and spacious sound space.

– 99dB sensitivity has provided excellent dynamics. The sound of musical instruments and vocals is as lively as listening to live in a theater.

Eros-15X’s versatility and ability to conquer every space!

– The goal of creating versatility for the large loudspeaker models of the Eros series has been one of the important tasks that our engineering team set when developing the product of this loudspeaker line. With a design consisting of two separate modules between the woofer and the mid-treble driver combination, the MT-module can be flexibly installed in two directions depending on the volume and size of ​​the listening room as well as the user’s needs and the purpose of using. Accordingly, the MT-module can be installed for the treble driver to rotate up or down between the mid driver and the woofer to match the listening position. When rotating the treble downwards, it means that the treble will be between the mid driver and the woofer, this installation is suitable for sitting low or listening close to the loudspeaker. For high seating positions, such as in some concert halls and home cinemas with a seating arrangement in ladder form, the treble can be rotated upwards. Users can try to choose the most optimal plan for the room and personal use.

– The Eros-15X has been tested to play music in diverse listening rooms from 25m2 to filling a very large concert hall, up to 400m2. In large listening rooms over 60m2, the Eros-15X performs extremely well when combined with an amplifier with the good power. With these large auditoriums, it is necessary to place the loudspeaker on a sturdy speaker stand, about 60 – 70 cm high to help the sound spread best in the whole auditorium.

Sound accuracy and high fidelity sound reproduction

The new generation of models in the Eros series is a remarkable step up from the successes of the first Eros models, the Eros-9 (2016) and Eros-9 Anniversary (2018).

As a result of using 1st-order crossover, the overall sound is soaring, creating an open, airy and spacious sound space. This advantage makes the music sublime and the listener achieves a surge of emotions along with the music.

The new generation of Eros continues to be an effective use of the strength of the bass range, and this strength in Eros-15X is even more amazing with both the mid-range and deep bass ranges reproduced effectively. Additionally, the sound is really more special with a warm, full and thick bass. The high range in the new generation of Eros series is superbly refined based on the research and practical experience of our R&D team through live listening and testing ThivanLabs audio equipment with live recording and amplifying the sound of musical instruments and vocals directly at concerts in a variety of acoustical conditions. The achievements in research and experience have brought about the completeness and perfection of each frequency band. As a result, the sound is extremely accurate and detailed. Then, the harmonious adjustment between the frequency bands brings balance and poise to the sound, creating an open, airy and very emotional sound space. Listeners will always feel relaxed and natural when listening to music without feeling that the sound is going from the speakers.

Product design and aesthetic thinking

Based on our Bauhaus design philosophy, Eros series and Eros-15X are designed based on our philosophy of minimalism, focus on the high quality finishing and optimizing the sound reproduction as well as the various use of the loudspeaker. These are the defined criteria for ThivanLabs products. Eros-15X is designed in a minimalist style with simple straight geometric blocks. This design is not only meant to easily harmonize diverse interior spaces, but also provides the best steadiness and vibration resistance for the loudspeaker. Eros-15X uses specially selected, high-quality materials and components. We also constantly improve our finishing techniques and seek to use the best materials for sound and durability. The new generation of Eros uses a new type of HDF material with water resistant, high stability and solidity, along with the optimization of the cabinet structure, the Eros-15X minimizes vibration when playing at large power level.

Eros-15X really convey all emotions from music to listeners in a poetic way!