833 SUN

833 SUN


Description SUN-833 Single Ended
Pure Class A – Zero Feed Back
Driving Stage Volume / Input selector
Inputs 1 x XLR ; 2 x RCA
Remote Control Yes (Fully integrated)
Power Stage Output tube: 1 x 833
Output Power CLASS A 130 W RMS (per channel)


Single-ended SUN-833 is a 3-module amplifier

1 Driving Stage (Pre and Driving stage): This unit acts as pre stage to drive the 833 tube.

2 Power Stages (Single-ended Class-A with 833 tube)

Highlighted features

– High quality toroidal transformers
– Carefully designed source with choke and oil cap
– Filter selection switch (Yes or No)
– Details and space to master the essence of sound reproduction
– Clear and smooth mid-range sound
– Luxurious design
– Sustainable high quality wooden cabinet
– Imported CNC aluminum surfaces
– The 833 tube’s protective components look great and ensures safety and heat protection