Merason Audio DAC1 – Swiss Craftsmanship (Alpha-Audio)

“What makes the DAC1 so special is therefore difficult to describe in words. In any case, the DAC1 makes digital music less digital. A personal favorite is “Folklore” by Taylor Swift. We know this album through and through but the DAC1 still lets us, cliché alarm, hear new things. Or rather experience new things.”

High Fidelity Review

“The tested Swiss device is a surprisingly nice design. The sound is dense, nice, pleasantly soft, but also wonderfully differentiated. Differentiation is an important feature of this converter and it will be difficult to find another device from the same price range to show changes in the recording, production and issues of albums equally well.”

Applause Award: Merason frérot DAC Review

“Musically, this DAC ticks along like a Swiss clock and never falters. No matter what programme material you play, it comes back with a grippy, propulsive, energetic, and bubbly sound that’s never less than fun. Its big-hearted musicality is totally out of proportion to its diminutive dimensions.”