Tonearm GL-1102AN
Counterweight 4 – 12 grams
Drive 2 x belt
Motor 12V DC
Speed 33,33 / 45,11 RPM
Speed Change Switch
Effective Tonearm Length 70 mm
Tonearm Mass 40 grams
Height Adjustment (VTA) Yes
Length Adjustment of the Tonearm Yes
Level Adjustment of the Mechanical Guide Yes
Platter Height Adjustment Yes
Platter nr 1 diameter / Height / Weight 310 mm / 20 mm / 2kg
Bearing of the Platter nr 2 AIR system
Led Lights under Platter RGB
Dimensions 540 x 360 x 200 mm
Weight with Granit Plinth Approx. 60 kg
Power Supply 110 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz
Power Consumption 16W
Pressure 0,050 MPa
Noise Level -20 dB
Dimensions 250 x 300 x 150 mm
Weight 10 kg




The air pressure (0.040MPa) is needed for the turntable to work properly. This pressure is efficiently produced by a very quiet compressor, which is an inseparable part of the turntable.

The way the arm is operated on the air cushion is quite simple. Thanks to the pressure from the compressor, the arm bearing can detach and levitate in the air alongside the guide. In this design, the pressure to the arm bearing is supplied through tiny holes in the guide.

The precise execution of the arm components allows for the use of a very low air pressure which reduces the compressor’s noise to virtually zero. The attachment of the arm guide on two sides reduces the resonance to zero. Due to the wide range of calibration options, the arm can support most MM /MC cartridges available on the market.


A quiet DC motor (12V) and two sub-platters are used to drive the disc. Two thin silicone belts transmit the torque from the motor, which is located next to the platter, to the bottom acrylic sub-platter. The movement of this platter is transferred to the actual platter using small magnets. The magnets at the same time keep the upper platter aloft over the sub platters and drag it according to the sub platters’ movement.

The platter bearing levitates on the air cushion which reduces possible resonance to zero. The entire uppermost platter levitates about 1mm in the air. The bearing is made with high precision to create an air film between the two elements.

The turntable can play discs recorded at 33 and 45 RPM. To change the speed and to fine-adjust the disc’s rotation speed, use the control panel located on the back of the turntable. As a standard, a high-quality power supply unit located in the compressor is attached to the turntable. This allowed the compressor to be controlled from the panel on the turntable.

Classic conventional pivoting tonearms move freely, they are “pulled” by the stylus across the record. Because of the inevitable circular movement, conventional tonearms produce tracking distortions. Record players with linear/tangential tonearms have zero tracking distortion. The tonearm positions the cartridge at the same 90-degree angle at which the record was cut. However, in the past, many basically great constructions of record players with linear tonearms were too complicated to use and very heavy. For the linear tonearm to move, it was/is necessary that the arm is controlled by electric motors. These motors are pushing the arm across the record, but the mechanical complexity of these models makes them more vulnerable to breaking and failure.All Pre-audio models with a linear tracking tonearm have a very low mass and feature a mechanically simple construction. This makes it possible that – like in conventional pivoting tonearms – the trolley that carries the cartridge is “pulled” across the record by the stylus. Please have a look at our videos to see for yourself how efficient and elegant our solution is.


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