Introduction & TECHNOLOGY

Merason pow1

The pow1 is perfectly tailored to the needs of the frerot. Two linear supplies power the audio section and a third lays the foundation for the individual supplies of the digital audio and logic sections in the frerot. The transformer with large dimensions is designed according to Merason specifications.


Testen & Reviews

Part-Time Audiophile | The Best Digital Players | Buyers Guide 2022

“Optional Pow1 PSU, improves sound quality across the board. A Reviewer’s Choice winner.”

High Fidelity pow1 Review

“Now it was possible to hear with files that although the frérot is really cool [...]

Review by HiFi PiG pow1

“The POW1 did not affect the fundamental qualities of the Frérot in terms of pace [...]

Hifi Voice Review pow1

“10 out of 10 stars.”