Description Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier
Inputs 1 x XLR ; 1 x RCA ; 1 x XLR Bridge Mode
Vacuum Tubes 2 x Siemens ECC88
Output power (RMS) 2 x 160W/8Ω
2 x 300W/4Ω
Output power (RMS)
Mono Block Modus
1 x 600W/8Ω
1 x 930W/4Ω
Frequency response 2 Hz – 1 MHz (-3dB)
Input sensitivity 850 mV Full Power
Input Impedance 100 kΩ
Power Requirement 230 V 50Hz
Power Consumption < 0,1 W (Stand-By)
Power Consumption 950 W Maximum
Dimensions H 17,8cm x W 43,5cm x D 35,5cm
Remote Control No
Weight 20 kg


Introduction & TECHNOLOGY

Circle Labs M200

The M200 is a stereophonic power amplifier that can optionally become a fully balanced monoblock.
Current amplification is performed via NOS triodes from Siemens, coupled through the use of Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors.
The primary amplification stage uses a proprietary Circle Power topology designed for high power solutions.
Sound single-ended amplifiers, is joined by solid-state amplifier dynamic and bass control.


The M200 is a true dual-mono stereophonic power amplifier that can optionally become a fully balanced monoblock.

NOS Siemens triodes from the 1960s were used in the design of the amplification path and individual pieces are selected with utmost care.

Input stage uniquely gains stable polarity from a battery source, which allows it to use only one vacuum tube, one resistor, and one premium quality Mundorf silver-gold signal capacitor; this solution provides a very short signal path with the best possible parameters.

Circle Power current steps are closest to the topology of single-ended amplifiers, while retaining maximum efficiency and power. Detail and timbre, characteristic of single-ended amplifiers, is joined by high efficiency amplifier bass control.

Highest spec Sanken current-coupled bipolar transistors in the current amplifcation stage allow the M200 to have even more detailed, dynamic speaker control and an ultra wide frequency response. Separate toroidal transformers are included for all channels and built to our unique specification using the highest quality materials.

A separate copper-insulated EI core transformer and completely separate power supply paths are used for both channels in the vacuum tube stage. The power amplifier stage uses high current capacitors with a combined capacitance of 200,000 µF. WBT Nextgen terminals provide signal to connected loudspeakers.